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 changes and fixes in 4.2 list 
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Post changes and fixes in 4.2 list
Current Viewport Personality 4.2 Viewport
Changes from 4.1 Viewport
*Added 2 Channel space for Preset Select in 4.2 Viewport
*Added 16bit Preset select to 4.2 Viewport Presets
Features Added
Added Hippotizer Play
Added Proxy Media rev 23037
Added indication in output manager of windows primary display 10906
Added ability to window outputs 10647
Added PosiStageNet support to Multicontroller 23152
Added support for Portamus
Added new generators: 030 – Westliner, 031 – OneShot 23194
Added Group selection to Pixelmapper
Added Watchfolder Queue. 23325
Added User pins to MacroManager 23256
Added ability to export Watchfolder database to CSV. 10212
Added Media Player performance pin 23325
Added ability to change the output framerate of Pixelmapper 23338
Added antialiasing in Videomapper. 10986
Added Artnet3
support to DMX Component. 23378
Added ability to bypass media player when the level is down 10859
Added RGBW subtractive colour mode to Pixelmapper 23403
Added media merging progress bar in Media Manager 23462
Added indication of sync type to media player sync gui. 11297
Added colour space option to FlexRes lossless. 11522
Added HAP import without transcode
Added progress bar to media import 23800
Added Mix and Viewport links to quick launch bar in Zookeeper 11516
Added ability to drag and drop between mixes and viewports
Added status indication in host selectors. 11536
Added Mirrored tiling effect (120)
Added High Performance Mode to Zookeeper 11985
Added ability to scale the Timecode readout UI element 8598
1/19/2017 4.2 Release Notes Hippotizer
V4 4.2
Many new features to Hippo Launch:
Added ability to start clean show
Added ability to load/save Shows
Added ability to automatically start the engine and zookeeper
Added support for MSEX1.2 in CITP 24247
Added support for installation onto nonadmin
user accounts
Added indication of mapping type to Multicontroller
Added ability to import CSV into Videomapper
Added integration with SMODE — Ask for a Alpha
Added Integration with Notch — Ask for a Beta
Added 4:2:2 and 4:4:4 colour spaces to FlexRes Lossless.
Added ETC Selador VividR
Colour space to Pixelmapper
Added new DMX Component User Interface
Improved monitor
Improved patch / repatching
of universes
Faster interface with large patches
Added Virtual Viewports
Added Keystone on Layer
Added ability for master/slave timecode in Sync Manager
Added ability to set countdown in media player
Added indication of Date added to media player
Added ability to drag Watchfolder queue onto pinboard
Added scroll bars to Pinboards when too small for the display
Added ability to launch Zookeeper into specific pages
Added ability to launch Zookeeper without page navigation
Added auto start to Hippo Launch for zookeeper and the engine
Added Colour Blocks to Videomapper
Added ability to add DMX monitor as a pin item
Reduced font size on slider text
Added Date to media player information; restyled
media player UI.
Added ability to import and export show data from Hippo Launch
Added ability to export PNG of Pixelmap
Changed Timecode Offset to Shift for Alpermann Velte and Audio timecode sources in Sync Manager.
Added new drag and drop system to Pinboards.
Added Timecode readout to layer
Added GRB Colour space to Pixelmapper
Fixes (Since 4.1 Release)
Fixed issue where 4.1 Personalities for Mix and Viewport with Preset were not visible in DMX – 10923
Fixed issue where media would not encode when disk space is below 10% – 10684
Fixed issue where Timecode over HippoNet could fail. – 10829
Fixed issue where Media Manager could fail to encode images reporting “out of memory” – 10935
Fixed issue where a blank IP address in ArtNet settings of Pixelmapper or DMX could cause a ZK
crash. – Rev 23093
Fix for issue with CITP streams failing with MA3D
– Rev 23096
Fixed issue where sorting of clips in media manager by slot would not be correct – 8387
1/19/2017 4.2 Release Notes Hippotizer
V4 4.2
Fixed TCP Disconnect issue in CITP – 10223
Fixed issue where output manager UI could become confusing after deleting mixes. – 10827
Fixed issue where viewports would not be visible before clicking in zookeeper Rev 23202, 23253,
23316, 23348 FB: 11257, 10909
Fixed intermittent zookeeper crash when immediately navigating to mixes page – 11098
Fixed possible crash in output manager failing to write to storage – Rev 23262
Improved DPI handling of Output manager – Revs: 23274, 23276, 23279
Fixed issue with 30NDF Timecode rev; 23434, 23438, 23440
Fixed issue where fixture width in Pixelmapper is not calculated correctly. Rev 23438
Fixed issue where case LEDs would not change to blue on media upload. 11177
Fixed issue where output manager would crash of vertical displays. 11508
Fixed issue where windows task bar could overlay higher numbered viewports 11731
Fixed issue where the Timeline UI could crash if long timelines were zoomed too far 10921
Fixed issue where DMX Pin selector could not see some components 11190
Fixed Issue where the Mute state of a Timeline was not saved. 11518
Fixed issue where you could not set a timeline 0. 11549, 11545, 11519
Fixed issue where editing presets created by drag and drop would crash zookeeper. 11556
Fixed issue where midi ports could become locked, this could stop the engine from shutting down and
potentially cause additional midi devices to not appear. 11377
Fixed issue where subfolders
would not appear in Media manager in certain situations 11722
Fixed issue where colour picker would not remember selection. Rev 23654
Fixed issue where Hippo Launch would try to register already registered machines 11432
Fixed issue where random play mode did not respect speed Rev 23671
Fixed issue where DEAP and PRG automation would not set axis. 11568
Improved performance of CITP thumbnail delivery 24248, 24249
Fixed Zookeeper crash from entering incorrectly formatted timecode value to timeline’s timecode
offset. 11619, 23992
Fixed Issue where timeline sorting by number or name was not working. 24879
Fixed issue where output limits were not being enforced. 10911
Fixed issue where it was difficult to patch lots of pinbridges to DMX. 23698
Fixed issues where viewport changes in Output manager configuration did not occur in real time. 8924
Fixed but where integer number boxes could become unresponsive. 10986
Fixed issue where engine would crash where nonlatin
characters were in the name of media files
encoded by Watchfolders. 5472
Fixed issue where output would cover single display or Portamus with only one screen. 11400
Fixed issue where hosts did not disappear in media manager after engine shut down 11459
Fixed issue where the first frame of a clip could flash with changes to sync state.
Fixed issue where Videomapper would copy outputs if enabled with no map selected.
Fixed issue where Watchfolders queue would indicate entire network.
Fixed issue with zookeeper slowness switching between hosts with large media libraries.
Fixed issue where STRATA remap
would not always work correctly.
Fixed issue where Output manager would not show connected monitors correctly with specific EDIDs
Fixed issues where mixes may not be patched in order in DMX with auto patch
Fixed lots of issues where Zookeeper licenses could become corrupt on nonHippo
Fixed issue where Amba would allow more than one output.
Fixed issue where track media select would not scroll to correct clip
Fixed issue where Hippotizer would default to a wireless network adapter.
1/19/2017 4.2 Release Notes Hippotizer
V4 4.2
Improved encoding of audio files (see list of codecs supported)
Fixed issue where multiple mjpeg files encoded at once could create corrupt content.
Fixed issue where names to media files in media manager would not update immediately when
Fixed engine crash when the inpoint
was made greater than the outpoint in clips containing audio.
Fixed issue in Pixelmapper where changes to which NIC to use would not apply without an engine
Fixed issue where Sync to clock would fail at midnight
Fixed issue where timecode readouts would create UI elements of Integer boxes
Fixed issue where the clip and bank offset on layer could not be made negative
Fixed issue where arrow keys did not move screen warp nodes.
Fixed issue where Mix presets could not be applied to mixes with a different layer mode.
Known Limitations
Presets are always saved with a playback position of 00.00.00:00. If it is desired to play a clip back
from a different position than the beginning use the inpoint
instead of playhead
Deleting profiles from the Pixelmapper profile library does not work.
Resetting the Pixelmapper component from within Component settings does not work. To create a new
pixelmapper component it is necessary to start a clean show.
If patching mix controls from DMX, Pixelmapper’s map select must be set to update only.

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