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Live Capture and Input Cards for Hippotizer V4
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Author:  peppe [ Tue May 19, 2015 6:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Live Capture and Input Cards for Hippotizer V4

A key feature for many Hippotizer users is Live Capture, or bringing video into the media server. This allows camera feeds to be used creatively, or for simple IMAG; all controllable from Green Hippo’s Zookeeper software. Hippotizer V4 uses live capture as it would a media layer; allowing geometry, effects and colour changes to be made in real time. Additional effects such as chroma keying, are possible through layer mix modes creating virtually limitless design possibilities.

Green Hippo exclusively uses Datapath capture cards throughout the Hippotizer V4 range. These cards offer important features such as auto-sensing of input resolution; ensuring there is no settings to worry about. At the same time, working with Datapath, Hippotizer is able to achieve very low delay from capture to output.

1 x card ( except DVI DL that is physically to big to fit )
1 x card ( except DVI DL that is physically to big to fit )
2 + 1 x card , can handles 3 additional cards, two capture and one SMPTE or 10GB network card
2 x card, can handles 2 additional cards (10GB network is already built in )

Every system in the Hippotizer V4 range can be fitted with at least one capture card. The Amba and Karst can take one card, while the Boreal and Taiga can fit two. There are different models of capture card to choose from based on system type.

Amba and Karst can be fitted with one input card enabling DVI, 3G-SDI, Composite. A dual Display Port capture card has also been recently released and should be available soon.

Boreal can take two capture cards as well as an additional optional card. (such as 10GB Network or SMPTE) This means a Boreal can have 4 x 3G-SDI or 4 x DVI inputs for example.

The Taiga comes standard with 10Gb networking and can take two capture cards on top of that for a similar set of capture options as a Boreal.

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