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How to create a media folder on a new Strata drive
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Author:  peppe [ Wed Jan 06, 2016 4:34 pm ]
Post subject:  How to create a media folder on a new Strata drive

A. How to create a media folder on a new Strata drive, and a good choice of SSD is Samsung EVO 850 Pro ( not to use 840 series)

1. Insert the SSD drive in the Hippotizer machine and check which drive letter it has been given by Windows i.e. E:\
2. Start the engine and ZooKeeper
3. Navigate to Media page, click on the settings icon and click on the Strata tab
4. Hit the "Add Folder" button, type in the path of the folder you want to create (i.e. E:\MyMedia) and click "OK"
5. Apply

At this point you can verify that the folder has been successfully created by opening E:\MyMedia in Windows Explorer. There should be a metadata.stt file and an empty temp folder.
You can now start encoding in this folder.

Remember to always switch to D:\MEDIAV4 before removing the Strata drive !

B. How to move Strata drives

Let's suppose that you have encoded your content in a drive and you want to use it on another machine.
You have to follow the exact same steps as in case A but change the drive letter (if necessary). If i.e. a folder named "MyMedia" was created on a machine where the drive was given letter E:\ and now the drive is given letter F:\ you have to type in F:\MyMedia in step 4 so that the metadata.stt file is properly updated.

If you have moved your encoded media to another folder and MediaManager can't see this folder it is probably because the folder was not created in MediaManager. Let's suppose you want the folder to be named MYSHOW. What you can do in this case is:

1. Run Hippo on your default D:\MEDIAV4 folder
2. Insert your E:\ drive (make sure about the letter that it's given)
3. Open Windows Explorer and rename the folder in E:\ that currently contains the media to something else than MYSHOW (i.e. E:\OLD)
4. Start the Engine and ZooKeeper, navigate to Media\Settings\Strata and Add Folder
5. Type in E:\MYSHOW, click OK and then click Apply
6. Shutdown the Engine and ZooKeeper
7. Open Windows Explorer, open E:\OLD, select all files but not the metadata.stt file and copy them to E:\MYSHOW. This is the critical step. You need to keep the new metadata.stt file that was created when you added the Strata folder in ZooKeeper.
8. You can now (after testing that it all works fine) delete E:\OLD

Things you can't do:
- Edit folders in Windows Explorer and expect them to work the next time you use them in MediaManager. This means that you can't rename folders and you can't add media from other media folders you have created. Actions like these must be performed through MediaManager.

Read more: http://forum.green-hippo.com/thread/39/strata#ixzz3wTkEmHi9

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