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Author:  peppe [ Sat Nov 08, 2014 1:08 pm ]
Post subject:  Hippo v3.2.4

Based on the solid foundation of 3.2.3, Hippotizer version 3.2.4 adds fixes and improvements to increase system stability.

Compatibility of 3.2.4:

Hippotizer version 3.2.4 will install and run on all Version 3 Hippotizers except Chipmunks. With the increasing amount of features some older hardware may struggle to run this software. This will manifest as reduced engine output frame rate specifically on Hippo Stages and earlier Hippo Critters. As a result, changes have been made to reduce system loading, and should be more responsive in Zookeeper especially. If this software is being installed on an older system, it is strongly recommended to confirm that output performance is satisfactory before using in a live situation.
All components in 3.2, 3.2.1, 3.2.2, and 3.2.3 should import into 3.2.4 without issue. Presets created in 3.2 will need to have thumbnails re-created after import to take advantage of the improved thumbnail system.
Please Note: When exporting or importing components and show data it is strongly advised to export each component separately. Do not use the whole system export function, as any corruption to the back-up file will result in data loss of the entire system: right click -> Export on each component to save data separately.
DMX Personalities for 3.2.3 are identical to those of 3.2.2 and will appear as 3.2.1 in the DMX Component

Improvements in 3.2.4:
-Fixed issue where a layer or timeline would ramp to stop over 5 seconds on loss of Timecode.
-Fixed issue where DMX2 becomes unresponsive when more than 3 MA-Net2.9 Universes are being read at once.
-Fixed issue where SMPTE component would show a red x when certain SMPTE cards are used.


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