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 Hippotizer v3.1 released 
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Post Hippotizer v3.1 released
At last, it´s here and hopefully without major un-discovered bugs.
Since the people on GH have worked really hard on this version, and refused to release it public before it is so finished it can be,
we all hope that it will you Hippo life so much better!!!

Contact your local dealer / provider for password or help regarding updating your Hippo unit.
Link for download:

Last Udpate. 14.50 6th September 2011
Hippotizer installation notes
Version 3.1.0
revision: 9202
installers: Hippov3.1.0
For support issues, please go to,
Or email with "HippotizerV3.1" in the subject line.

Known issues:

- With version 3.1 the installer will prompt you to update the ATI drivers to version 10.10. If you have a unit with ATI Radeon HD 1950 or older cards installing this driver during the install process will cause those graphics card to become uninstalled in windows and fail to work. If you have a Hippotizer system with a 1950 card you must uncheck the option to update the ATI driver (to check the cards you have installed use the ATI catalyst control software to check the hardware).

If you have accidently installed the 10.10 drivers and need to re-install the previous drivers, use the following link to download 9.3 drivers. The software will still function correctly with the older drivers. ... 25&nav=0,3

- Installer detects Datapath drivers on GrassHopper and prompts user to update. User should just ignore the message.
- ZooKeeper installer can only continue with the installation if a ZooKeeper dongle is detected.

- Media Player hicks/freezes on continuous and rapid speed changes

- Using ëinsert previous valuesí after a preset results in nothing being inserted. Please contact support for a workaround

CITP component:
- Capture polar crashes hippotizer when trying to retrieve thumbnails

Text Engine:
- Text document hicks when loading second page

- Relays dont work on UberPan slaves(render nodes)

Video Capture:
- Blackmagic Decklink cards are now supported in hippotizer, specifically the DeckLink SDI, DeckLink Duo and the DeckLink Studio. To use these cards with Hippotizer you need to have DeckLink 7.9.4 for Windows installed. If required, you can download it from; ... nav=0,3,15

Known Issue, if you enable disable the decklink input a large number of times (e.g. ~500 times) the decklink card may become unresponsive. i.e. will not display incoming signal. If this happens you need to shut down the system and restart it and don't enable/disable the bmagic input so much during your performance. This appears to be a limitation in the deckink card/driver.

-Datapath have a few new cards since the release of Hippotizer 3.0.14 SP1, to use the Single DVI + 4 Composite Input Card or the 8x Composite Input Card you need to install the Vision V6.0.10 15.AUG.2011. for more infomation please refer to;

C:\hippotizerv3\thirdparty\Datapath Drivers\Readme\ReadMe.htm

-All Systems with Datapath PCIe capture cards need to update the drivers to the verison Vision V6.0.10 15.AUG.2011 for the cards to work correctly.

Virtual Media Manager:
- If two partial media are exactly the same, Media Player on slave hippos fails to recognise one of them

Live Mask:
- Export and Import Live Mask settings on a different machine does not always work. Please contact support for a workaround

New and repaired in this version

New Features:
- UberPan component: It is a system designed to easily manage and use multi output configurations
- DMX2 - New improved DMX component. Create your personalities with the Personality Editor and control different parts of multiple hippos from one component.
- Hippotizer HD goes 16 Layers
- New product: GrassHopper with max 8 full HD layers
- Portamus goes full HD on all layers
- Live Mask: This gives the user the ability to draw masks in realtime onto any layers or the master
- Improved logging: Each component has its own log level for better support
- SpeedoMeter added to monitor engine performance information
- RealTimeSync component: this component which does not have a GUI generates a SMPTE timecode signal that is equal to the system clock. This can be used by a timeline to make the timeline realtime (ie. 3:00:000 on the timeline would be at 3:00am real time. Very useful for realtime scheduling.
- Upgraded to Main Concept decoder version 9.0 for hardware/software compatibility

- new: Application's name is now ZooKeeper as expected
- new: GUI Re-skinning: New look and feel of ZooKeeper with focus on better usability and performance
- new: ZooKeeper host gets its name from the machine name
- new: GUI: Color coded Keystone
- new: GUI: Check box added for permanent fine control
- new: Use Ctrl+Tab key to scroll through windows inside ZooKeeper
- fix: GUI: Version on Splash screen is wrong

- new: HD Hippotizer now supports 16 layers
- new: HippoCritter has new Single HD Layer mode
- new: Control Refresh Rate through the Engine Settings
- new: toggle playback position time to countdown timer
- fix: Synchronizing Factory media was very slow

- new: Option to lock media map added
- fix: Abort button on media manager import does not function correctly.
- fix: Media info doesnt get updated

- new: Toolbox with Pointer, Pen and Hand cursors
- new: Lock/Unlock events
- new: New menu options for Fade Types
- new: Show remaining time in Timeline GUI
- fix: Timeline Playhead overruns stop command
- fix: you can now move events by moving diamonds (previous beta was broken).
- fix: Creating new timeline doesn't add current values at 0.00

Video Mapper:
- new: Export video map as image
- new: Add RGB to contour drop effect
- fix: Zoom fader was not working correctly
- new: Ability to use different pitch display devices and have Videomapper calculate tiles automatically
- new: Grid snap feature
- new: Videomap manager for renaming / ordering maps
- new: Ability to flip/mirror tiles
- new: Ability to mix or morph between 2 videomaps

Pixel Mapper:
- new: KiNet and ArtNet auto-discover devices
- new: Undo/ReDo functionality added
- new: Personalities are now referenced so changes to fixtures can/will be populated through pixelmaps
- new: Gridlines to fixture designer
- new: Pixelmaps are now indexed correctly for DMX and can be shifted up/down list
- new: Colour coding system to fixtures to easily identify patched / locked / unpatched fixtures
- new: Drawing speed is much improved and selection speed greatly improved (over 100x faster)
- new: Ability to auto create new fixture personalities from CSV import
- new: Ability to import pixelmap layouts and patching information from Artistic Licence LightTramp
- new: Ability to load background image to help with layout.
- new: Ability to rename fixture groups in pixelmap edit mode
- new: Display fixture profile in the grid
- fix: Pixelmapper would crash when changing fixtures on large pixelmap
- fix: Pixlemapper engine preview incorrectly labeled

Video Input:
- new: Support for BlackMagic products
- new: Support for new Datapath products (Sumesh TODO)
- new: New DVI + 4 x composite as well as the 8 x composite input cards from Datapath.

- fix: Installer leaves temporary files in system root directory

Dr. Hippo:
- new: Network tester
- new: Option added to Dr. Hippo to zip up the HFWStorage folder
- fix: 2 components with the same name cannot be enabled/diabled by Dr Hippo
- fix: Dr. Hippo seems to have a static guid

- fix: Automation component: high CPU usage
- new: Beatbridge component: Line based spectrum analyser
- new: Beatbridge component: Tap tempo mode added
- fix: CITP component: when using wysiwyg changes incorrect RGB value
- new: Cue Controller: Monitor timelines and activate cue
- fix: Cue Controller: Changing the timeline name deletes the Cue Action
- fix: FXselection applies two FX when is should switch from one to another.
- new: HippoNet: Allow user to select Network port
- new: Host Manager: Exit host option added
- fix: HFW: Engine crashes on Exit
- fix: LCD component: Browsing the settings causes the engine to crash
- new: Hippo OSC component: Ability to re-map components on import
- fix: Hippo OSC component: tree no longer re-draws and closes everytime you make a change
- fix: PlayList: on restart pre-created play list fails to start correctly.
- Fix: RS232 Component: component reports NO GUI error after setting it up.
- Fix: Screewarp: Be able to multi-select multiple nodes when editing warp
- New: TelNet component: Ability to fire timeline
- fix: Text Engine: Can't use format "centre" with fading text in
- fix: Text engine background colour has transparency enabled
- fix: Adding text manager via layer control adds two text manager components.

Peppe Tannemyr
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Thu Sep 08, 2011 11:59 am
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Post Re: Hippotizer v3.1 released
In the release notes for 3.1 it mentions a new single layer HD mode for the Critter. What is this and where do I find it?



Mon Nov 14, 2011 10:25 pm
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Post Re: Hippotizer v3.1 released
You are right, I been looking for that as well, one layer set, 1920x1080 should be there.....but is not!
I will check and see if someone have info regarding this!

Peppe Tannemyr
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Sweden retailer of Hippo systems

Tue Nov 15, 2011 9:59 am
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Post Re: Hippotizer v3.1 released
Critter has unlocked output resolution up to HD but the media resolution is still strictly down to PAL. The will be a version soon that will allows you single layer of HD.
That´s the I real life, will be there soon.

Peppe Tannemyr
SSR Beacon DigiGobos®
Sweden retailer of Hippo systems

Tue Nov 15, 2011 5:49 pm
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