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 4.2.1 release notes 
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Post 4.2.1 release notes
4.2.1 Release Notes

Hippotizer is continuously being developed and improved; please read these notes carefully to
understand the changes and limitations with each version.

Version 4.2.1:
4.2.1 adds many fixes and improvements to 4.2. Green Hippo strongly recommends using 4.2.1 in place
of 4.2 wherever possible.
Note: 4.2.1 No longer supports the playback of Mpeg 2 Clips. Media encoded to Mpeg 2 will appear greyed
out in the media library and will not play if selected. Please re-encode all media to FlexRes .
Current Codec Support
Resolution restrictions by Codec:
Codec Width Height Max
FlexRes Performance Divisible by
Divisible by
4 16,384 16,384 64 64
FlexRes Quality (All Colour
Divisible by
Divisible by
4 16,384 16,384 64 64
FlexRes Lossless 4:2:0 Divisible by
Divisible by
4 16,384 16,384 64 64
FlexRes Lossless 4:2:2 Divisible by
4 Any 16,384 16,384 64 64
FlexRes Lossless 4:4:4 Divisible by
4 Any 16,384 16,384 64 64
Content that does not fit within these restrictions can still be encoded through resizing.
Version 4.2.1 Removes Support for MPEG-2 Playback; please re-encode all content to FlexRes.
Video File Types
Codec Extension Status
Mpeg2 .mpg Does Not Work
Mpeg2 .m2v Does Not Work
Mpeg4 .mp4 Works
Green Hippo Hippotizer V4 - 4.2.1
Page 10 of 418
Mpeg4 .m4v Does Not Work
ProRes422 .mov Works
ProRes420 .mov Works
ProRes444 .mov Works*
ProRes4444 .mov Works*
FlexRes .fxr Works
AVI .avi Works
Animation RGB .mov Works
Animation RGB + Alpha .mov Works
h.264 varies Works
HAP .mov Works**
Image File Types
Codec Extension Status
Tiff .tiff Works
PNG .png Works
Jpeg .jpg Works
Targa .tga Works
Image Sequences
Codec Extension Status
Tiff .tiff Works
PNG .png Works
Jpeg .jpg Works
Targa .tga Works
Audio Encoding
Codec Channels bit depth Status
Wav 1 16b Works
Wav 2 16b Works
Wav 4 16b Works***
Wav 6 16b Works***
Wav 8 16b Works***
Wav 2 24b Works
Green Hippo Hippotizer V4 - 4.2.1
Page 11 of 418
Wav 2 32b Works
MP3 2 Works

• *Content encoded from ProRes 444 may show a slight colour shift compared to the original
due to an issue in the 3rd party media encoder. The ProRes 444 family also has limited
support in Windows so it is best to test the specific codec and resolution when establishing
a content workflow.
• **As of Version 4.2, HAP content can be ingested without transcode.
• ***Audio files with more than two channels can be encoded if they are part of an image
sequence (in the same folder as the image sequence with the same name, or are separated
from the video file before encode. Place the audio file in the same path as the media to be
encoded and ensure they have the same name.
Martin P3-PC compatibility
Hippotizer can send video directly to the Martin P3-PC application running on the same machine, this
requires a P3 Dongle. The version of P3-PC and Hippotizer is important to ensure correct operation:
Hippotizer Version P3-PC Version
4.1 4.2
4.2 4.2.2
4.2.1 4.2.2

Current CITP Support
CITP (Capture Interface Transport Protocol) is an open network protocol to allow visualisation software
and lighting desks to exchange thumbnails and streaming previews from media servers. Green Hippo
works to ensure CITP is working correctly with as many 3rd party applications as possible. Here is a list
of currently tested systems against this version.
Desk or Software Version Tested Thumbnail Exchange Streaming Previews
Grand MA2 Works usually Works
Grand MA2 Works Works
MA-3D N/A Works
MSD N/A Works – Inverted about Y Axis
Martin M-PC 3.50.645.641 Works N/A
Green Hippo Hippotizer V4 - 4.2.1
Page 12 of 418
Capture Argo 21.1.30 N/A Works
Hog 4 3.2.5 (Beta) Works N/A
Avolites Titan (9/10) Works N/A
WYSIWYG R38 N/A Does not Work
Current Datapath Drivers
• If using Dual DVI, Dual SDI or AV-SDI capture cards, we recommend Datapath Driver version 7.8
• If using Quad SDI capture cards we recommend Datapath Driver version 7.16

Current Display Drivers
Hippotizer Media servers use one of several type of graphics card, which are tested with current and
former display drivers.
Current Recommended Firepro Driver: 15.201.
Systems affected:
• Taiga (All Types)
• Boreal DVI-DL
• Boreal SDI
• Boreal DVI Genlock
• Karst DVI Genlock
• Karst SDI
• Amba with Serial number 240037 or greater
Note: Newer Firepro drivers have shown less playback performance than the recommended 15.301
Current Recommended Standard Driver: 15.7.1
Systems affected:
• Boreal DVI Single Link
• Karst DVI Single Link
• Amba with Serial number between 240001 – 240036
Installation Notes
• 4.2.1 can be run as an upgrade installation if 4.2 was previously installed.
• 4.2.1 must be run as a clean installation if 4.1 was previously installed.
Green Hippo Hippotizer V4 - 4.2.1
Page 13 of 418
• If 4.1 is previously installed, un-install it before installing 4.2.1.
From version 4.2 On wards the Hippotizer data is stored in new locations to comply with
Microsoft Windows security guidelines.
• The binaries (executable files) are stored in: C:\Program Files\GreenHippo\HippotizerV4
• The settings are stored in: C:\Users\\AppData\Local\GreenHippo\4_2
• The Media folder by default on Portamus and Play is: C:\ProgramData\GreenHippo\MediaV4
Major Changes In behaviour
• MPeg 2 Playback capability has been removed.
• An Mpeg Export facility has been added to media manager, and a conversion tool added to Hippo
• The layer icons icons in the Windows system tray have been changed; an Icon now loads per mix,
with a number indicating the number of loaded layers in that mix.
• Timecode display on layer and in the media player has been set to default to HH:MM:SS:Frames
as opposed to milliseconds. Displays in time are in real-time and therefore will differ from
Timecode time for specific timecode formats such as 29.97 Non Drop Frame timecode.
• The image sequence detection in Watchfolders has been changed. Any images with the same
name and ending in a number will be treated as a sequence. Use the convention of file name,
followed by map slot (if applicable) and then frame number: FileName[1,2]_0001
• The ability to export the media manager component has been removed to avoid potential media
corruption and data loss. To back up your media, copy the media folder.

DMX Personalities
Current Layer Personality: 4.2 Layer
Changes from 4.1 Layer
• Added Pause on Dark
• Added Rewind on Dark
• Set Volume Control to update only
• Added Keystone on Layer
Current Mix Personality: 4.2 Mix
Changes from 4.1 Mix:
• Set Timecode Offset to be a 16bit Channel
• Set Pixelmapper mix controls to be update only
Green Hippo Hippotizer V4 - 4.2.1
Page 14 of 418
Current Viewport Personality 4.2 Viewport

Changes from 4.1 Viewport
• Added 2 Channel space for Preset Select in 4.2 Viewport
• Added 16bit Preset select to 4.2 Viewport Presets
Features Added (Since 4.2 Release)
• Added support for 24FPS and 23.98FPS Timecode
• Added timecode auto-detect to Alpermann Velte Timecode Cards
• Added ability to pass in Cue number in Multicontroller Timeline commands
• Added Tags and Notes to Media in Media Manager
• Added Network load meter to Zookeeper and Engine Hosts
• Added collapse all and expand all to host selectors in Zookeeper
• Added ability to export all mpeg from the media library
• Added Mpeg conversion tool to Hippo Launch
• Added code completion to Macro Manager
• Added Media Expiry date to info available in media manager grid view.
• Added FlexRes uncompressed codec option in Media Manager
Fixes (Since 4.2 Release)
• Fixed issue where HippoNet window would not re-open when dragging pins onto pinboard.
• Fixed potential Zookeeper crash when navigating directly to mixes page on startup
• Fixed issue where Engine would not shut down correctly on systems with certain Nvidia graphics
• Fixed issue where the media player would always report that it was playing clip 2
• Fixed issue where the default mix and viewport layouts included scroll bars.
• Fixed issue where Media Manager would show the incorrect media folder structure after moving or
copying folders
• Fixed issue where renaming media in Media Manager could fail
• Fixed issue where Art-net would ignore network card selected in DMX. Network selection dialogue
moved to the correct location in DMX settings as it applied to ArtNet only.
• Increased TCP listener timeout to 1 minute in multi controller
• Fixed issue where watchfolder queue UI item could crash Zookeeper
• Fixed issue where newly uploaded files did not appear in All media list view immediately
• Fixed issue where a media manager operation in Multi Controller could lead to an engine crash
• Fixed issue where timecode offset on layer would not show correctly when controlled from the
4-pin DMX controls (HH:MM:SS;FF)
• Fixed issue where clip countdown could show incorrect values
• Fixed issue where you could not scroll horizontally between profiles in Pixelmapper’s profile list.
Green Hippo Hippotizer V4 - 4.2.1
Page 15 of 418
• Fixed issue where progress bar would not appear on media export
• Fixed issue where playmode of layer 2 could affect layer 1 in zookeeper
• Fixed issue where warning text for shutting down a remote host in multicontroller was not clear.
• Fixed issue where shut down dialogue in Hippo Launch would not close after engine shut down.
• Fixed potential engine crash caused by selecting a media manager action in multicontroller
• Fixed issue where Timecode offset on layer would not react correctly when using the 4-pin
• Fixed issue where countdown on media playback would be incorrect when outpoint was set in from
the outframe
• Fixed issue where newly created mixes in output manager were not selected by default.
• Fixed issue where creating a new preset could delete older ones.
• Fixed issue where 29.97 FPS Drop Frame Timecode was not displayed correctly in the interface
• Fixed issue where shutting engine down from power button would not save settings correctly
• Fixed issue where switching between universe monitors in DMX would not update.
• Fixed issue where there was no warning when attempting to license PLAY without an internet
• Fixed issue where release notes would not open from Hippo Launch
• Fixed issue where engine and zookeeper logs could grow past 50MB
• Fixed issue where Visualiser would not show the correct sources or all sources
• Fixed issue where Zookeeper would become unstable when TCP sources in Multicontroller were
• Fixed issue where the Pixelmapper UI and DMX monitors would flash on certain systems
• Fixed memory leak from Timeline actions in Multicontroller
• Fixed Issue where auto-resize media did not work in Media Manager
• Fixed issue where Media Tree in Media Manager would loose navigation settings on any media
• Fixed issue where switching between layers in zookeeper would slow down over time
• Fixed issue where media export from save show in Hippo launch would fail.
• Fixed issue where the SHAPE master would not be on the same viewport on each reconfigure of
Output manager
• Fixed issue where the remote updater in Hippo Launch could fail to update a target machine.
• Fixed issue where the first or last tile in Colour blocks could show the wrong colour.
• Fixed issue where media manager did not check the resolution restrictions of FlexRes Lossless
4:2:2 and 4:2:0 correctly
• Fixed Issue in Timeline where deleting the last cue could crash the UI.
• Fixed issue in PosiStageNet and DEAP automation where values did not refresh if they had not
• Fixed issue where timelines locked to the generator’s timecode would stop at midnight.
• Fixed issue where the P3 setting in Output manager would not be saved on engine restart
• Limited mix resolution to 16,384 × 16,384 Pixels as this is the hardware limit
• Fixed issue where moved custom layouts would lose the name
• Fixed Issue where multi-selecting and dragging media in list view of Media Manager would fail
Green Hippo Hippotizer V4 - 4.2.1
Page 16 of 418
• Fixed issue where tiles in Videomapper that were rotated by 180 Degrees could show tearing
• Fixed issue where timecode format was not passed over HippoNet Sync.
• Fixed issue where adding a new mix in output manager would hide the add new mix button
• Fixed issue where the free disk space meter in Media Manager would sometimes read 0GB of
• Fixed issue where smoothing was not visible in new DMX Component Interface
• Fixed issue where files with Alpha would not encode into FlexRes Lossless 4:4:4
• Fixed issue where resetting video mapper component would fail
• Fixed issue where importing two sets of video maps could fail
• Fixed issue where adding a new mix did not scroll the view automatically.
• Fixed issue with fansettings.xml path
• Fixed issue in macromanager where the root-pin would not be recognised.
• Fixed issue where expired media would not show as disabled despite failing to play.
Known Limitations
• Presets are always saved with a playback position of 00.00.00:00. If it is desired to play a clip
back from a different position than the beginning use the in-point instead of play-head position.
• Deleting profiles from the Pixelmapper profile library does not work.
• FlexRes Quality and Lossless 4:2:0 and 4:2:0 will introduce a slight colour shift. Use 4:4:4 in
Lossless or FlexRes Quality for perfect colour reproduction.
• Audio playback quality will degrade at speeds greater than 200%.
• CITP thumbnail exchange with MA2 lighting desks will occasionally fail. Retrying the
exchange after a failure often succeeds.
• The patch order of mixes in DMX component’s initial setup may be wrong with three or more mixes
present. Simply run auto-patch after all layers are running to create a correct patch.
• The name of the network monitor in HippoNet is shown as host manager.
• newly created cues in Timeline may not trigger from Multicontroller action mappings. An engine
restart will always fix this.
Green Hippo Hippotizer V4 - 4.2.1

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