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 The readme file is good to read...3.0.12 
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Post The readme file is good to read...3.0.12
New and repaired in this version 3.0.12

Version 3.0.12

revision 4688 (RC 3783):
Hippov3 3.0.12 rev 4688

Hippotizer Version 3.0.12 uses a completely different file format for it's media and for it's timelines, as such it is important to note that when you upgrade to version 3.0.12 all your media will be renamed, this will be done automatically so you will not see any difference from the outside, but this does mean that you WILL NOT BE ABLE TO GO BACK TO VERSION 3.0.11 !

If you are unsure, make a backup of c:\hippotizerv3 and d:\v3media so that you can go back if necessary, and simply delete these backups once you have a working 3.0.12 system.

Known issues:

Output configuration:
- Pan MOde resolution Bug: sometimes not all Pan mode resolutions are available and when using the Control centre Hippo goes into clone mode instead of Pan mode.
Work around: USe Catalyst Control Centre and go manuallt to horizontal pan mode and then to clone mode and then back to default extended mode. After this sequence all resolutions should be available.
PLease note: Going into pan mode is a 2 stage process. FIrst you need to change the graphics mode and then select the output resolutions. Currently there is not much user feedback.

- some media files don't encode while in fullscreen mode. Works fine in windowed mode.

- DMX chart is up to date (v3.0.12)
- Documentation not yet updated tois up to date (v3.0.12)

- new: insert timeline into timeline
- fix: sorting of timeline (10 after 9)
- new: remembers name of tracks even when offline
- new: shift time to shift cues back or forth
- fix: unlimited timelines in Express
- new: delete all on track
- new: track colours for easier identification
- new: Added blocking cue record functionality to timeline to allow recording of current values to any part of timeline
- new: Added warning on timeline import to avoid mistakes and accidental erasure of timelines.
- new: Added diamonds feature to timeline to allow quick selection / move / delete / group of multiple events at one time on the timeline.
- new: Created Tltriggerlist basic version (aka wintukcontroller) to allow comfortable playback of timelines from simple ìgoî style interface.
- new: on import presets and timelines are renamed to avoid duplicates.
- new: Added option to not export timeline presets to be able to create templates.
- fix: Complete re-write of timeline data system from xml to binary to speed up all timeline operations including import/export/opening and closing, now runs much faster and resolves any problems realated to running out of memory
- new: Added a tracker line to top of timeline to show what time mouse cursor is at for adding events.
- fix: Corrected operation of "snap" feature on timeline and set default to 0.5 seconds.
- new: Made command track in timeline a normal track so can now be grouped, included with diamonds, copied and included in ìinsert timelineî
- new: Added ability to zoom timeline scale by holding down shift and using mouse scroll wheel, releasing shift moves tracks up and down.
- new: Added ability to "Record Current Values As Snap" to be able to record an instant change on the timeline, useful for resetting layers or prepping layers for the next scene with only one event.
- new: Added ability to "Insert Following Values" similar to insert previous values but uses the values of the next event instead of the previous one.
- new: Added ability to move play head forwards and backwards by using the arrow keys.
- new: Added ability to move play head in Timeline to "Next Event" by holding down shift key and using left/right arrow keys.
- fix: Fixed Bug where diamonds would not snap to correct values when snap was turned on.
- new: Added "Clean Timeline Data" function, this goes through a timeline and removes any unnecessary events and makes the timeline much simpler automatically.

- fix: incorrect storage of in/outpoint
- new: Full Hippo presets can be recalled and created by dragging to/from the main centre preview window on the Hipponet overview box, or by right clicking the same preview.
- new:Full Layer previews can be created / recalled / updated by dragging to/from the preview window on a layer of by right clicking that layer preview.

- fix: bug where unused universes were transmitted
- new: flash selected fixture
- new: Added import / export to csv/excel file into pixelmapper.
- new: default personalities included

- fix: improved smoothness on older v2 systems
- fix: shut down correctly when power button is pressed
- new: Added ability to lock fixtures in pixelmapper
- fix: Increased allowed resolution on stage to 1920 x 768
- fix: Bug fixes in live capture module to allow more cards to work with system.
- new: Added simple mode: a reduced functionality operating mode with automatic media transitions and simplified interface for use on simple projects where advanced functionality is not required.
- fix: Engine settings are now saved when "apply" is pressed and not when the system is shutdown.
- new: Added screen warp to express.
- new: Added smooth edges feature to keystone functions to remove jagged edges.
- new: Added "rewind on zero level" feature to all layers.
- new: Added clone pan mode to allow same image but with separate master layers and keystone controls for working with double stacked projectors without having to use unnecessary resources.
- fix: Fixed bug where changing from pan mode to single mode with only 1 monitor would cause a crash.
- new: Log file is now updated with errors from engine settings changes.
- new: Added advanced colour controls to GUI interface and to timeline tracks.
- new: Added vertical pan mode - similar to normal pan mode but where the projectors are stacked vertically. (not fully supported yet)
- fix: Fixed bug where "detect monitors" in engine setup could cause a crash.
- new: loads of pretty new FX and generators

FX tool
- fix: crash on screen saver

Master layer
- fix: Colour behaves the same as the layers

- new: drag between pins to copy values (i.e. drag preview to preview to copy settings)
- new: Added ability to swap the contents of one layer to another (move layer) by holding down Ctl and dragging from one preview to another.
- new: advanced tooltip description on components
- new: Added shift-drag functionality to all sliders and faders for accurate adjustment of values in GUI.
- fix: Improved display of values for knobs and faders with improved support for decimal values.
- fix: Fixed a bug where zookeeper would not work on non us/UK versions of windows.
- new: Added double click and single click events into local file browser.
- new: Added file info controls to local file explorer.

- new: can be imported and played back alongside video (beta version - not fully tested)
- new: respects playmode

Media Manager:
- new: Added ability to import a media file more than once to retain designer folder structure (file is still imported only once but will now have multiple folders and references)
- fix: Large files timed out
- fix: Manual bitrate window is now disabled if "auto" mode selected in encoding settings to avoid confusion.
- fix: Default option to preserve alpha now changed to "false"
- new: Added media preview player into media manager and file browser.
- new: Added ability to limit the resolution of encoded media to a specific size in media manager.
- fix: Stage now allows pal media with alpha channels to be used without going over resolution limit of system.
- new: Added multicast media synchronization (McFTP) to mediamanager.
- new: Added ability to set an "Expiry Date" to any new media that is added. If a media has an expiry date, and that date is passed the media will show an expired icon in the media manager/selector and will no longer play on the system.

- new: replaces MIDI component
- new: better bigger brighter
- new: all works now.

Other Components
- new: Added timecode display readout
- new: Added h-map2 component to communicate with lighting consoles
- new: Added LCD component in preparation for new case LCD control panel and led/fan control
- new: Added scheduling and alarm functions to clock component to allow automatic execution of events at specified times.
- new: Added telnet component for TCP/IP control of Hippotizer
- new: Added drag/drop functionality to midi component, controls can now be dragged into the midi component to easily learn midi command.
- new: Added warnings for all import/export features to avoid mistakes by users.
- fix: Added a limit to the log file so that it does not expand forever but auto trims itself at 50mb
- fix: Added import/export functions to Beatbridge, clock, rs232mini and Pixelmapper
- new: Added Hippoblaster component - secret component for those down times !
- fix: Fixed bug where dmx tail would not work
- fix: Repaired problem in dmx component where 16bit values were read incorrectly.
- new: added PhatController (replaces RS232mini) for controlling RS232 and ethernet devices
- new: Automation component to read incoming positions of stage elements to link to any pin via logic
- new: DMX control of beat bridge and automation
- new: RS232

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