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Author:  jan schroeder [ Wed Nov 26, 2008 3:38 pm ]
Post subject:  WE COULD MAKE MORE MONEY....

.... if we could rent out many Hippos with a "Dontthinkaboutlayers"-mode.
I dont mean a simple mode *wich is not the requested feature*, wich just xfades between two videos, i mean a compositionsmode where min 4 layers with effects and wipes can be stored in a pool of comps and can be triggered by dmx from one comp to another.*NOT IN CHRONOLOGIC ORDER like a timeline*

This not existing feature is (unfortunatly) the reason why bad looping m******s are still preferred by some of our important clients. The truth is, that theres not always a aftereffectsguy sitting next to you on a production , baking the whole content into one layer and from my understanding a mediaserver should give you FLEXIBILITY ....

PLEASE, dear HIPPOTEAM, think about this and give me an answer soon.

Best regards,
Jan Schroeder from PROCON

Author:  peppe [ Wed Nov 26, 2008 5:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: WE COULD MAKE MORE MONEY....

I wish all the time I could making more money!!!!! :-)

I understand you, simple mode is maybe to simple or not the idea of some operators.
Maxedia have a great way to handle that, and if you are used to that, maybe Hippo is to advanced... the same issue will be some Hippousers moving to Maxeadia
and been frustrated over the "stuttered" and "non-smooth playing" media, he will of course says......I want the Maxedia to be like the hippo......

Maybe a way to meet halfways is also not good, just the half of the good options on two systems...
If the englishmen are listen and reading here, they will take this into discussion on what operators wants and likes...

AND , since I am one of the AE guys sitting there at the venue ( and getting rich!!...?? well, making some bucks) I am still happy that Hippos are not stealing the complete work
from me at this moment! I can´t expect that the request for a " graphic content modul" that makes the content as well, is not showing up soon.....

But you are right, Jan! Everything that makes clients feeling that Hippo is a smooth and fast system will increase the sales!! Did you hear that? Teadrinkers of UK?

Author:  nigelsadler [ Thu Nov 27, 2008 12:59 am ]
Post subject:  Re: WE COULD MAKE MORE MONEY....

Hello Jan & Peppe!

Thank you both for your feedback.

Firstly, I would like you both to know that the implementation of such a mode has been discussed in great depth at Green Hippo, and is in fact underway as we speak, however it is actually a very difficult thing to do.

When you set out to write a media server you have to decide right from the beginning which way you want to go, layers based or preset based because if you want the engine to be efficient and be able to play smooth video and lots of videos/images on one machine you really need to slimline evrything!

That said, we have built in the flexibility to the core engine in hippotiozer to allow us to make these changes if we need to and we have styarted to do that already.

don't forget, that one of the most powerful and creative features of the Hippotizer is the ability to use layers and mix modes ! Removing the layers would remove a huge ammount of creativity from the system, but i guess we are talking about the more rock and roll type productions where time is more of a problem.

It is important to understand that all servers and indeed any media playback software using any of the latest technologies (direct x or OpenGL) actually use layers anyway internally (they are not called layers they are called textures but they ammount to the same thing) even Max*&^a , it's just a question of what is exposed to the user.

To implement it we first have to implement an advanced fade engine for every parameter in the system, this has actually already been done in simple mode - if you turn on the fade engine and create a preset in simple mode, then drop that preset back onto the master preview the system with fade into the new preset, so we are already 50% there.
Next you have to create a texture/layer management system that manages where clips are and how they appear and what covers what etc..
This is still to be done, but we are testing the fade engine first in simple mode before porting it to the main system (which we are planning on doing), we would then look at removing the layer related windows etc.. and basically just have the presets displayed as media with an auto recall.

The details are yet to be defined, but it is definately on it's way - along with many other requests, trust me the boys have been very busy !

What would really help would be if you have any specific requests as to how it could work in the interface, what functions you would need etc..

Best regards,

Nigel Sadler
Hippotizer Product Manager
Green Hippo Ltd

Author:  peppe [ Thu Nov 27, 2008 3:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: WE COULD MAKE MORE MONEY....

What would really help would be if you have any specific requests as to how it could work in the interface, what functions you would need etc..

If you give them a finger, they will take your complete hand.....:-)

We understand ( I think I can say that for all of us), that you guys are struggling hard. And feedback, even if it is dreams or ideas are supposed to be
creative request for you at Hippo. And I´m sure that feedbacks are treated in that way from you!
Of course every operator want ALL the BIG effects, ALL the special things that can be invented, and in the same time ask for everything to be easy and simple.
Yes, the Rock and Roll boys often have short of time and will be happy of simple mode, but they are focused on the light console and want to have the "go" from that console,
and other events ,when you have time, simple mode is not maybe in need and you want to use the full power of the layers,timelines etc.

I think Jan is right on this , when he face the demands of the operators, also in understanding of what a "mediserver programming! company have to face when
getting all requests and dreams. But feedback is good and also dreams are good. Hippo is a really great solution and can be better with the feed of dreams and feedback...

So ( as Nigel put out his tine finger), don´t take he´s complete hand, just go for practical requests and useful info for users.
Not so many companies gives you this option, so treat this with respect.

(I will for shure ALWAYS have my ideas and dreams and will continue to post them here)

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