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 Some useful suggestions... 
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Post Some useful suggestions...
Hi everyone

Some things I have asked in the past and some new stuff. Hoping that this will be implemented in the nearest future:

1. Folders for the presets and perhaps timelines

... to be finally able to store some of your cool looks into presets and stay somehow organized

2. New effect called 'Speed':
-range from -400 to 0 to +400
-random parameter (how much of a 'randomness' is applied to the speed)
-curve parameter (nature of movement, how is speed reaching the Out point from the In point and vice versa)
-still or freeze parameter (so you could interrupt the speed movement by temporary freezing it)

... as of present version 'Speed' of a movie file is linked with the movie itself. Try changing it smoothly from lets say 0% to 100%... You can do this on the controllers (Midi or DMX) in real time, but not program it 'effectively' on the timeline.

3. Zookeeper has to be able to import audio and play it back by displaying its waveform as well, so you can program your show in sync (visual and audio) It is absurd to have to use one layer on your 'rendering' engine just to playback the audio!. So one track of audio please on the Zookeeper and some controls for it ... like stop, play, rew, ff., return to zero.. (don't laugh, I programmed at least 30 songs so far by not being able to stop the audio when I needed.)

4. Ability to be able to connect MIDI and DMX devices via Zookeeper engine as well (currently you can do it via Hippo 'rendering' engine only

5. In V2 'TAP BEAT (tempo) keyboard command' it used to be letter 'B' , also down up arrows used to be half/double speed modes... none works in V3, although you can use the +- on the sound analyser to double/half the beat

6. Soft edge parameter on the new 'Pufferizer' effect. Some other effects that create the 'fuzzy line' while processing should get the same treatment... And no you cannot ad the soft edge effect afterwards (as the EFX2 for instance) to fix this, as the rough edge is created by the effect itself and is 'inside' the newly created image.

Other bugs in V 3.011 needing sorting out:

1. one huge bug that bugs me for the last year is: When updating presets, newly choosen layer speed, in & out, point and play mode don't get updated... the old values stay! Single layers updates and Engine (Output.. all layers & Master layer) updates are both affected by this inconsistancy!

2. MIDI controllers have a range of 0-127: Number 64 in that range should be mapped to the middle value number (i.e. reset): Now when you send the controller value 64 the parameters go to (for example): Speed:100.760 (Should be 100.000) / Pos-X: 0.008 (Should be 0.000) / Pos-Y: 0.008 (Should be 0.000) / Zoom: 0.008 (Should be 0.000).... Currently you cannot have a clean Reset of 0.000 (controller value 63 makes it -0.008 and controller value 64 makes it 0.008. Clean parameter reset is a MUST!! I also heard that the same problem existed on the DMX console. NRPN type of MIDI controllers support is needed as well.

That's all I can think of... for now

I'm intending to do some extensive MIDI testing on the new ver 3.012 software when I get back from the tour. I heard there has been some serious work done on it. Will keep you posted with the results

Greetings from Finland


Mon Sep 15, 2008 11:02 am
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