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DVI cable Copper based issue
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Author:  peppe [ Wed Nov 12, 2008 4:43 pm ]
Post subject:  DVI cable Copper based issue

After a card that has been "burnt", we have get a information that, in some situations the DVI cable can send electric power thru the copper line if the ends
having different grounding / Earth. They seems to NEED SAME GROUND / EARTH to not set the cards in risk.

Good to know, thank you Niklas at Massteknik that have the knowledge of wierds things like this!!!!!

Author:  johan west [ Mon Oct 19, 2009 7:13 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: DVI cable Copper based issue

taught that I could write down a bit about things with signal transaction as a whole approx :D

I get lot`s of phonecalls from people having all kinds of weird distortions and stuff when playing around
with projectors.
Almost every single time the problem has been sorted by making sure that the power to servers and
projectors are taken from the same distro.
People usually thinks that I am crazy when I go out and do my jobs, I refuse to do a projectionjob
where someone else has built the electrical/signal distribution system, (except for RGB Oy)
I always carry my own extenders, cables and distros, then I know exactly that the stuff works and
that I dont have a lighting thingie messing around in the video power lines.

This with extenders, only extenders where you don`t need to have same ground is fiber transmitters that are
made out of pure fiber, this means that for an example those Gefen DVI cables with readymade DVI connectors that
carry copper needs to have the same ground as your source.
If you do not have same ground, you might en up having a ground differance on up to 10 volts, that will definitely
damage or maybe completely destroy your graphicscard.


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