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Author:  peppe [ Mon Jul 29, 2013 1:17 pm ]
Post subject:  50 Hz and how to....

Many broadcast and TV event studios, in Europe specifically, require that media servers output at 50 Hz. The Broadcast standard PAL uses a 50 Hz interlaced signal, which means that a 50 Hz signal from Hippotizer is easier to use for these studios.  Outside of Europe, 60Hz is more common. (This corresponds to NTSC and PAL-M broadcast standards).

Why it isn’t easy to set 50Hz?
Graphics cards and the Windows Operating system are built with the US (and therefore 60 Hz) in mind. As a result, a 50 Hz refresh rate is not regarded as a valid operating mode under normal conditions.

How do you set 50 Hz?
This procedure is designed to essentially force the machine into 50 Hz. In order for it to work, the graphics cards must only ‘see’ 50 Hz displays attached to them. We can do this very easily using a DVI Parrot. (As this will show how to do), If however you do not have a DVI Parrot, any EDID spoofing device will do, so long as it only has 50 Hz profile(s).

Here is a pdf for you to have and read

File comment: how to, thanks to Ryan
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