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Hippotizer V4 software assurance policy
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Author:  peppe [ Thu Dec 21, 2017 3:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Hippotizer V4 software assurance policy

Green Hippo will periodically, and at our discretion, release new versions of software for Hippotizer systems. Each new release will be available for download from our website. A release contains a version number containing a product identifier, major release number and minor release number in a numeric code separated with periods: Product Identifier.Major Release Number.Minor release Number For example, 4.2.1 is for the Hippotizer V4 Product, it is the 2nd Major release of V4, and the 1st Minor release of 4.2. Every release is internally coded with the release date which can be seen on the download.

By default, Hippotizer V4 system feature a three (3) year software assurance policy period. While software assurance is active, the Hippotizer V4 system is entitled to install all major releases of V4 with a release date within the software assurance period. The Hippotizer system is entitled to all minor versions within the allowed major version.

For example, assume that Version 4.2 is released in January, 2017 and 4.3 is released in January, 2018. If your software assurance expires in June of 2017, you will be able install 4.2 but not 4.3. Further, if Green Hippo releases minor release of 4.2 (such as 4.2.1) these can be installed as they are part of an allowed major version irrespective of release date. Minor versions of 4.3 will not install as they are part of a major version that is not allowed. Meaning 4.3.1 will not install in this example as it is part of 4.3 which was released after software assurance expired.

Note: Even after software assurance has expired the Hippotizer will continue to operate as normal. The license to run Hippotizer and output video is perpetual.
A Hippotizer system will not be able to install major releases created before or after the software assurance policy is active.

An early adopter extension was in effect for systems purchased in the first year of the product, all systems purchase on or before February 2016 will end software assurance February 2019.

Systems purchased after this date have three (3) years of free software upgrades. The system will continue to work as normal after assurance has ended.

The software assurance period can be extended with the purchase of additional time. Please discuss extensions to the software assurance period with Green Hippo or your local distributor.

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